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Get to Know Me



Margaret Tolbert

Marketing Expert

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion is training. It could be from having parents who were teachers, or the fact that I was in theater as a kid, but training is what truly makes me happy. When I can combine training with helping small businesses, it just makes it even better!

I have been in marketing for over 15 years and have helped businesses grow, pivot, and excel in the ever changing marketing world. Social media has grown to a level no one could ever imagined, and I GEEK out over it! 

It was with social that I have grown my two businesses, Details by Margaret and Tolbert Marketing and Events along with help other businesses in that space.

I gained my experience from years of working in the print industry as the training manager and helped move the company into the digital space. After some time, I knew I could be doing more for small businesses, so I launched Tolbert Marketing and Events. Now I manage small businesses marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and train individuals as well as 300+ groups.


Every day I get to do what I love, while helping business owners keep doing what they love.

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