Where Are Baby Boomers Spending Time Online?

Baby Boomers, or those ages 55 to 75 years old, dramatically lead Americans in spending nationwide, with $548.1 billion spent annually. Given this, it’s a good idea for your business’s advertising to directly target this demographic. However, in order to maximize the value of your social media marketing spend, it’s important to meet the Boomers where they already are.

While the Boomer generation may be older, don’t call them out-of-touch or techphobic: On average, this demographic spends 27 hours a week online. In particular, Boomers are partial to Facebook; 84 percent of them have accounts on the popular social media site wi15.5 percent spending over 11 hours a week on Facebook. The picture could not be more clear: If you’re hoping to attract Boomers to your business’s website, then you better be on Facebook!

Moreover, Boomers demonstrate more curiosity and willingness to follow-through when presented with an advertisement; 58 percent visit a company’s website after encountering the brand on social media. It’s important to capitalize on this opportunity by making the most of social media’s ability to create personal connections. Ask questions on your Facebook page in order to spawn conversations and try to make your content as personal as you can.

So, how can your brand reach Boomers? While Facebook serves as the initial spot, make sure your website is dressed up with dynamic and charming blog content and consider videos to keep their eyes glued to your webpage. Your message should focus on the interests of a demographic that consists of empty-nesters and retirees: lifestyle, amenities and events.

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