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Where is Gen-X spending their time online?

Gen-X, or those who in the 36-49 demographic, account for 58.2 million internet users and 31% of the total income in the US.

So, how do you reach them?

The average Gen Xer spends 2 hours a day on social media. 80% are on Facebook and Twitter, but only half are active on the platforms.

To stop the scroll on Gen Xers favorite social media platforms, your best bet is… to show them, THEM! Gen Xers are not the most commonly acknowledge demographic in marketing, so if you want to target a Gen Xer, show them that your brand is relevant to them by showing them they are relevant to your brand.

Gen Xers are the nearest to retirement and at the peak of their buying power – and they tend to develop brand loyalty.

So, how do you capture their business?

Despite the ability to remember the world before the internet, Gen Xers are usually well-versed with technology. They use this as a tool to research businesses online, so ensuring that yours is available for a quick online search is the first step to gaining Gen X’s business.

Don’t expect Gen Xers to stop after Google - They are still likely to use Facebook, so ensuring your information is complete, up-to-date, and easily accessible is still important. You must also remain active on your platform, responding to messages as quickly as possible, and posting at minimum once a week.

The resource that Gen Xers rely on most to make a decision on purchasing is reviews. Pursuing as many positive reviews as possible is more likely to encourage 68% of Gen Xers to choose a brand.

When it comes to the message you present to your Gen X audience, it’s important to keep in mind their phase of life. They are no longer entry-level, and seek luxury and the “good life” feelings after years in the work force. They are more interested in investing in quality products and experiences.

Pro-tip: A simple way to win over a Gen Xer is put your emphasis on loyalty. Gen Xers are more likely to have the money to spend, so once loyalty is achieved, it’s probable to remain as long as your brand remains loyal to the consumer by considering discounts or loyalty programs, appealing to buyer security, having great customer service, optimizing accessibility, and keeping things personal – even nostalgic!

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